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It gives me immense pleasure for being an active participant of Pradhanmantri Bhartiya Jan Aushadhi Pariyojna and I with my all modesty feel obliged and proud to lead it from the front for one of the largest state of India – Uttar Pradesh. This policy in core has the vision of providing the generic medicine in highly reduced rate, sometimes up to 600% as compared to the branded medicine. And the best part is that we have not compromised slightest on the quality part as these generic medicines have the identical effects with respect to branded medicines. By this policy, we are making sure that the under-privileged and low income family should also get the same treatment as the other does. And as the medicine is major part of the entire treatment when observed from the monetary point of view; therefore, we have taken a giant step in the direction of reducing the overall cost of the entire treatment by providing the generic medicines in every nook and corners of the state. Besides reducing the cost of entire treatment of the patient/beneficiary this policy will also help generating the employment for youngsters of our state, as even in initial stage we would be opening around 1000 Jan Aushadhi Stores, and anyone who has the pharmacy diploma or degree can apply for operating these stores. We and our partner will help them during the training and also in monetary front for up to INR 2.5 Lakhs. We, further have taken a creative step in the EIC aspect of this policy by educating the doctors, hospital and medical colleges, which consequently will educate their respective patients, thus reducing the overall cost of the EIC for this project. Therefore, by the implementation of this scheme I can wishfully say ‘stay healthy’ to all my state citizens.

Alok Kumar Mitra